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biorythmos / βιορυθμός

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«BIORYTHMOS» is a company based in Patras with a fast-growing presence in Attica, Peloponnese, Western Greece, Crete, Dodecanese islands, Eastern Aegean islands, Cyclades islands. According to financial indicators “BIORYTHMOS” is a fast-growing company both in terms of company growth and in terms of products.

We supply medical devices, medical supplies and Medical Technology products for Medical Professionals and the general public.

We have exclusive partnerships with leading Greek and Global brands in Medical Technology. We study and analyze the developments in healthcare, and we adapt to the needs they create.

Centered on both innovation and standardized procedures (ISO) we redefine entrepreneurship in healthcare services, with a person-centered portfolio focused always on people and health. Our specialized knowledge and accumulated experience have provided us with the fastest reflexes in order to best address the continuous radical changes in the healthcare environment and insurance services.

In this way all the medical world and the healthcare professionals consider “BIORYTHMOS” a trustworthy and highly innovative company.

While “BIORYTHMOS” is growing and shifting to a more integrated approach, we have earned the trust of the people who chose our company - people who we would hardly call customers...

The standards which differentiate us from other companies are the brand name quality products, our team of associates, our services, and the support we provide, our responsible business practices and our reliability. Our patients and all the people who have collaborated with our company acknowledge these standards.

We specialize in home healthcare. We offer outstanding machines and Medical Technology products for the patients who need health support and require home healthcare. The products are used at the home/ place of residence of every patient (and not in hospitals).

Finally, “BIORYTHMOS” for the last 12 years, has maintained a strategy alliance with the leading multinational company “Medtronic” in order to supply and support insulin infusion pumps for diabetic patient (Type 1 DM) for the following regions:
Attica - Peloponnese- Western Greece
Crete - Dodecanese islands
Eastern Aegean islands – Cyclades islands

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biorythmos / βιορυθμός


“BIORYTHMOS” was created in November 2005 by the founder and company owner Andrew Ach. Tzouramanis. Our first office was a small privately owned space. At first “BIORYTHMOS” supplied only oxygen therapy products.


In 2006 we moved to bigger offices at 25 Satovriandou St. where we began assembling the business team of “BIORYTHMOS”. With slow and organized steps, we broadened the range of available products and as a result our team also grew.


In 2010 the company expanded, and we created the “BIORYTHMOS” Sole Partner LTD. We moved again to bigger offices at 14 Satovriandou st. in order to provide space for two in-house departments:




Our team has grown, enabling “BIORYTHMOS” to operate on another level and our activity to grow at a different rhythm.


A rhythm that is the pulse of our professional life.


Since 2012 we have spread in Crete & the Dodecanese, since 2015 in Attica, and since 2016 in Cyclades and Eastern Aegean islands.


In 2019 we set up our new state-of-the-art offices, at Korinthou 312 & Trion Navarchon, aiming to transform our company into a full-fledged Health House where, in addition to our excellent products, we will provide health support services to those who are in need.

biorythmos / βιορυθμός


We thoroughly plan a fully structured organization, a coordinated management, and integrated services of the following two:

● supply of medical devices, medical supplies, and medical technology products.

● integrated services provided by a sophisticated group of scientists and healthcare professionals.

biorythmos / βιορυθμός


Our team consists of young people with a strong sense of offering and responsibility toward protecting the patient’s life. The greatest job satisfaction for our team is the knowledge that they improve the quality of life for patients. They are passionate about teamwork and development. Part of our daily routine at “BIORYTHMOS” is training and following the changes in the healthcare environment. By training, monitoring the changes and always staying up-to-date we continuously develop our knowledge in all areas of healthcare we specialize in.

Our continuous efforts have managed to build a solid and well-tuned team which is more than just a group of creative and talented people.

For us, the universal values of offering and respect for the human existence constitute non-negotiable standards.

Doing our best to support the patient directly or indirectly constitutes our daily routine.

biorythmos / βιορυθμός


“ΒIORYTHMOS” is a fast–growing company. We always look to the future and we always look for dedicated team members to join our team and our partner’s network.

Stay tuned, you will find all the relative information on new available positions here.

biorythmos / βιορυθμός

Ιατρικά Προϊόντα και Υπηρεσίες Υγείας

[email protected]
+30 2610 317218
Σατωβριάνδου 14, 26223, Πάτρα
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