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Βιορυθμός Κατ οίκον νοσηλεία - Biorythmos

Wound Treatment

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Βιορυθμός Κατ οίκον νοσηλεία - Biorythmos

wound treatment

Pressure Ulcers (skin injuries -wounds) also known as bedsores, develop in patients who are immobilized, confined to wheelchairs or to a bed with a not very soft surface for a long period. They occur in areas of the body as a result of pressure and over bony prominences. Such areas are usually the outer thighs, the coccyx, the heels, the sacrum and the hips (hip joints).

The healing of pressure ulcer starts when we address the causes that create the ulcer and ends by applying the best topical treatment. Modern treatment of skin ulcers is achieved by wound dressings. Hydrocolloid dressings and silver impregnated foam dressings offer an excellent wet method for the treatment of ulcers and are used depending on the damage of the skin and the amount of exudate.

Wound Treatment Products:

Αφρώδες επίθεμα Aquacel foam

Aquacel Foam Dressing

Hartmann επίθεμα Hydrotac

Hydrotac Foam Dressing

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biorythmos / βιορυθμός

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