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Βιορυθμός Κατ οίκον νοσηλεία - Biorythmos


Nourishment is one of the basic needs of our body after breathing. Many times, however, people don’t pay the necessary attention to their nutrition, especially people suffering from physiological or psychological diseases, disorders or chronic conditions.

According to international bibliography and clinical practice, malnutrition/poor diet is related to a significant increase of the healthcare cost and is the result of an insufficient diet support both in quantity and/or in quality.

Malnutrition is defined as reduction of the lean body mass in relation to sex, age, height and a person’s activities. Malnutrition affects all the organs of the human body. It occurs in childhood and manifests severe complications in the Central Neurological System. Depending on the severity of malnutrition morphological and functional disorders in various organs occur. Their clinical manifestation is severe and it relates to increased morbidity and mortality levels.

People who suffer from a severe dietary disorder run the risk of developing malnutrition, a complication which is often overlooked. The frequency of malnutrition during the admission to the hospital has been registered as 30% in all Europe. The majority of the patients consume on average less food than necessary and as a result they lose weight during their hospitalization. The causes of malnutrition are many and they vary.

MALNUTRITION and sudden weight loss, even as many as 2-3 kg (5%) combined with the disease, increases the danger of complications, reduces the body’s resistance to infections, causes physiological and mental disorders, delays recovery and can place the patient’s life in danger. Under these circumstances DIET SUPPORT can improve and speed up recovery and, in some cases, prevent complications and even death. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a dietary evaluation, which takes under consideration the dietary conditions and the underlying disease. Dietary support is necessary before and after hospitalization. Naturally, hospital food is the primary choice of food.

In an effort to handle poor diet/malnutrition promptly and effectively and speed up the treatment of the disorder, doctors and registered dieticians (nutrition experts) recommend the use of natural special diet supplements administered by mouth or by a feeding tube.

Articles sources : 01. Magazine Fresenius Kabi Hellas 02. Council of Europe, Public Health Committee 2002

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