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Ανδρέας Τζουραμάνης καιπαίκτες τις ΠΑΕ Πναχαϊκης

Supporting PAE Panachaiki with sponsorship

“Biorythmos”, at the begging of the season for PAE Panachaiki, proceeded to a sponsorship.
The owner of the company, Andreas Tzouramanis, had an interesting discussion with a group of Panachaiki players, wishing them “good luck”, hoping of course that they will be crowned champions.

Ιατρικά Προϊόντα και Υπηρεσίες Υγείας

[email protected]
+30 2610 317218
Σατωβριάνδου 14, 26223, Πάτρα
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