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The new educational platform hosts “Diaviw” service.

Our company utilizes all modern means to offer the best experience to our suffering fellow human beings, in terms of the health services it provides. It is our pleasure to present the new educational service “Diaviw” for people with Diabetes.


Educational service “Diaviw”

“Biorythmos”, created a series of online courses, in collaboration with professionals in the field. This service is hosted on our new educational platform, offering the possibility of a complete distance education.


Course “Diabetes & Nutrition”

Part of the treatment and proper care of the person living with diabetes is his education on nutrition issues.

The organization of meals, their composition in carbohydrates and not only, affect the general glycemic control.

This is exactly the need we want to meet by offering three sessions to answer as many questions as possible.

Sessions (lasting 30 minutes each):

  1. Introduction to carbohydrates
  2. Proteins & Fats
  3. Exercise +/- Alcohol


Course “Diabetes & Psychology”

Based on the holistic approach of the patient, “Biorythmos” listens to the rhythm of the season and the needs of diabetes and includes in its service programs, 3 acquaintance and awareness sessions, for the role of mental health in the good management of diabetes.

Sessions (lasting 60 minutes each):

  1. Acquaintance session
  2. Familiarization session
  3. Personalized session


Course “Diabetes & Technology”

Experience and daily practice has shown that in the better regulation of diabetes, continuous and quality education plays an important role in the factors, which in turn, each affect the effectiveness of its regulation.

Let’s see together, solutions that we can, in the best way we can offer you for the improvement of the daily practices that you already use and how the technology could offer you faster and more efficient results.

Sessions (lasting 30 minutes each):

  1. Acquaintance
  2. Everyday life with diabetes
  3. Use of technology
  4. Data analysis
  5. Suggestions for the perfect setting


All sessions can take place within 6 months. For more information contact us at 2610 317 218.

To purchase the service click here.

Ιατρικά Προϊόντα και Υπηρεσίες Υγείας

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+30 2610 317218
Σατωβριάνδου 14, 26223, Πάτρα
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